5 Quirky Party ideas your guests have never seen

Forget ordinary! Why throw any old dinner party when there’s a world of whimsy and fun to enjoy? Don’t let your next bash be forgotten; there are plenty of creative ways to thrill and inspire your guests. The secret to a quirky party is mixing unexpected elements of surprise and humour with the everyday. You want to create the feeling of awe you had as a child seeing something wondrous for the first time.

So the next time you’re looking to host a party everyone will rave about, give these 5 quirky party ideas a whirl.


PLAY with your food

The hottest trend in catering right now embraces the art of food experiences. Instead of sitting down at a table and waiting for your dish to arrive, introduce your guests to a more personal service with Interactive Food and Drink Trays.

Unlike passive servers offering the same ol’ hors-d'oeuvres and drinks, Interactive Food and Drink Trays invite your guests to participate in their meal. It adds excitement and fun to the occasion. Our Performers are decked out in beautiful costumes with trays to integrate with the theme of your party.

You can dress up our performers based on the theme of your choice, and customize a delicious and magical menu. Throughout the evening, as you and your guests laugh and dance, your food and drink become part of the festivities. The Food and Drink Trays intermingle with you and enter your world. You can help design the menu, and offer your guests sumptuous bites of different tastes throughout the event.

Our Mixologists can also whip up some custom-made cocktails to match your theme or celebration. Interactive Food and Drink Trays encourage your guests to get up from their tables and connect with each other. Instead of being stuck at a table for an hour or two, they can mingle and chat. It offers something exciting and new.

With interactive experiences, people become more invested and build a personal connection to a party they’ll never forget.



Why let the bar blend into the background? It’s one of the most important and popular places at your bash. Even if your party doesn't have a theme, surprise your guests with something they won’t expect.

Spice up your party with a quirky bar (or two). At Debbie Marks Events, we have different bars to suit a variety of fun themes. The always popular Tiki Bar can warm up a winter holiday gala and make your guests sway with beachy Hawaiin vibes. Or try an alpine ski chalet bar to honour a guest who loves to carve snow on the slopes. The bars are equipped with insulated ice wells, underbar storage, and a bottle chiller to keep your drinks cold.

A quirky and cool bar can elevate a party and influence the mood and atmosphere. It’ll add a liveliness that sparks conversation and laughter. Plus, you can count on our Mixologists to create yummy drinks that match the theme of the bar.

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Sweeten the deal with desserts that come alive

A party isn’t fun without sweets, but it can flop if the treats are boring. Instead of yawn-inducing tables of tarts and cupcakes, dress up the best part of the meal. Your imagination is the only limit on what you can do to present dreamy desserts creatively.

Our catering partners can bake colourful macarons, and stack them playfully on funky usherette trays. As your guests dance, your sweet treats will float over to you from a swingin’ usherette. Pop them in your mouth as the usherette moves around you shaking it up on the dance floor.

Have more sweets, like caramel popcorn, and cotton candy dancing with you and serve mini pizzas at midnight!  Perfect for Bar Mitzvahs and birthdays, you can have lots of finger-foods to keep you energized as you jitterbug the night away.

Or, you can display your sweets in unexpected ways that amaze and delight your guests.  Serve ice cream in baby pink minis, or have a delectable donut wall. Quirky sweets lend a whole new dimension to the dessert and feel special to your guests.



Enjoying a drink from a glass is old hat. Why not try something new? There are so many exciting ways for your guests to indulge in cocktails that they’ve never tried before. The trick is to get out of the box and imagine what’s possible.

At our events, you can taste the creamy deliciousness of drinks served in coconuts. Or, imagine how fun it is to be served a gorgeous Caribbean-style drink in a pineapple (complete with an umbrella to match). Jam jars, tin cans with old-school labels, and temperature-treated mugs that change colour are all wacky ways to drink your favorite refreshments. Adding quirky elements like this will turn your party into a cool, and unique event.

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Why settle on one theme when you can’t decide? Themed stations can give you the best of all worlds. Pick some themes you love most, or whittle down your top 5 favorites cuisines. You can have Israeli/Middle Eastern food, Chinese food, Italian food, British pub fare, and Indian food throughout the venue space. Each station can even have authentic drinks to match. Or, pick a few fictional themes and take advantage of our massive event hire. You can set up a Great Gatsby theme, an Alice in Wonderland theme, a Harry Potter theme, or more with all the foods to match. Tables don’t even have to be actual tables; you can use trolleys, stacked crates, and hot dog carts. Campy food stations in Volkswagen vans are cool and contemporary too.

Don’t forget dessert! Excite your guests with a flash from the past and bring an ice cream van to the party. You can serve classics like ice cream sandwiches and popsicles from the window, or have an ice cream cart with goodies to pick from.

Use props to make the food stations look authentic and enticing, and beautiful display cards to label the menu. With so many different food stations, your guests can interact with each other and discover new dishes to try. It’s a dream for foodies and picky people alike because there’s so much to choose from. Plus, you can honor the cultural backgrounds of your guests.

Don’t let your next celebration be forgotten. Quirky party ideas elevate your standard celebration to a new and breathtaking experience. With Debbie Marks Events alongside side her talented luxury decor team at Qube Events & Productions, it’s easier than ever to throw a party you’ve never seen before; a bash that exceeds your expectations and surprises your guests. With our design professionals, florists, caterers, performers, mixologists and more, your event will be the party of the year. It might even be the event of the decade.